How To Make Garlic Hummus

The days of old-fashioned dip that you used to buy in a prepackaged container are only a memory now. Long gone are the days of fat-laden dips that have more calories per serving than an acutal meal! Hummus is a heart-healthy dish that not only has healthy benefits, but also is absolutely delicious. Hummus is
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How To Make Baked Scallops

Many people love ordering seafood in restaurants but are intimidated when it comes to cooking it at home. The delicate flavorings and tender meats seem too difficult or challenging for regular and quick family-friendly meals. However, this simple baked scallop recipe is not only eye-catching but also great tasting and is an easy go-to recipe
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How To Make Extra Crispy Roast Potatoes

Roasted potatoes are a timely classic that can be served with just about anything from savory roasted lamb to succulent duck to tender pork roast to even juicy steak burgers. Try this extra crispy roast potatoes recipe for your next dinner party, for a wonderful side dish that just might steal the show. These roast
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How To Make Raspberry Mousse

Mousse is a delicious dessert that is decadent and beautiful. It is traditionally made with cream and flavoring. While it can be made in a variety of flavors, using raspberry gives is a gorgeous color and fruity flavor. Raspberry Mousse is a simple dessert that is created with a few easy steps. The first step
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How To Make Chocolate Cheesecake

Two of the greatest things ever invented for desert were chocolate and cheesecake. Combining the two will send anyone straight to desert heaven. This recipe is easy and the results are absolutely delicious. You can expect enough cake for 10 to 12 people, depending on serving size. Time: Prep time: 30 minutes Cook time: 1
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How To Make Stuffed Tomato Canapes

Ingredients to make the Stuffed Tomato Canapes: -6 small tomatoes -2 tablespoons of black olives -2 tablespoons of green olives -2 tablespoons of feta cheese -2 tablespoons of goat cheese -2 tablespoons of walnuts -2 tablespoons of parsley -2 tablespoons of cooked sweet corn -6 to 8 shrimps -1 tablespoon of thyme -1 tablespoon of
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Pea And Feta On Sourdough Toast Recipe

Sometimes the oddest recipes are some of the tastiest. Pea And Feta On Sourdough Toast is an example of that. This is a Mediterranean specialty that many in the United States have not heard of but whom many people enjoy greatly once they try it. Luckily it is easy to make in some varieties and
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How To Make Alfajores

Alfajores are delicate, soft cookies that were originated from the South of America.They are made with cornstarch, which is what gives it the smooth, doughy texture, and makes it a wonderful crumbly cookie. The creamy Dulce de Leche is what holds this cookie together and gives it that dreamy, mouth watering taste. To make great
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How To Make Vegetarian Dumplings

Dumplings make a great addition to soups and stews, or they can be enjoyed alone. These savory, tender warm bites add a cozy surprise to stews and soups, and are especially great to enjoy on a brisk, cold day. Vegetarian dumplings are just as savory and inviting as traditional dumplings, and can be used in
Category: Veggie Food

How To Make Bbq Artichokes With Parmesan Cheese

Bbq artichokes with Parmesan cheese is a great vegetarian dish that can be made for a simple dinner at home, or this is a great dish for entertaining. There are some great dishes that can be prepared that are delicious and completely vegetarian. Ingredients 8 Artichokes 1 Chopped onion 2 pounds of chopped bacon !
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